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Dark Fiber Solutions

In most corporations the network accounts for up to 80% of the overall IT budget and the need for ever-increasing bandwidth and site connectivity drives much of that cost.   Dark Fiber used to be a solution reserved for Service Providers alone who would carve off a piece of bandwidth for each of their customers for a fee.  As applications continue to drive the need for bandwidth, non-Service Provider organizations are increasingly turning to non-traditional solutions in their search to provide increased bandwidth in a cost effective manner.   

Declare Independence from your Carrier
This trend started in large enterprise companies but it is being seen with greater frequency in education, particularly universities, government entities such as city government and healthcare organizations, all of whom have multiple locations in close proximity to each other.

Dark Fiber solutions allow organizations with concentrated locations and a significant bandwidth requirement to achieve independence from their telecommunications provider. Implementing a Dark Fiber solution allows our customers to gain control over their network infrastructure as well as the ability to have virtually unlimited bandwidth.   Dark Fiber provides a solution to organizations that minimize cost and maximize network reliability, resiliency and scalability.

The team at Baix Corporation has been working on some of the largest private fiber installations for the last decade and brings a unparalleled level of expertise in the non-service provider dark fiber design, implementation and management.
Baix Corporation can assist with the following for your Dark Fiber installation:
  Design and Construction of fiber connections within building and to the street
  Design and Acquisition of fiber  
  Independent consultant for fiber needs as provided by telecommunications company

Dark fiber may or may not be available in your area.  Please contact us for more information.      

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